Planning & Consultation

Public consultation is an integral part of the planning process and has been an important element of Millbrook Power’s work since the project was first announced in 2014. The project’s consultations with the local community, local politicians, groups and other relevant organisations, are designed to meet all legal requirements and are based on a range of advice and guidance.

There have been several opportunities to consider and comment on the project.

2017 consultations

Further consultations will take place during 2017, before any planning application is made. To inform these consultations, Millbrook Power is undertaking additional technical and environmental studies. Details of this renewed consultation will be outlined in a Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC).

2014 consultations

A Non-Statutory Consultation (Phase 1) took place in June 2014. It was followed by a period of Statutory Consultation (Phase 2) in October/November 2014. Public exhibitions were held in Marston Moretaine, Stewartby, Ampthill and Lidlington, along with meetings with local parish councils and councillors from Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council.

Statements of Community Consultation

The project’s 2014 SoCC was agreed with Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council, and a revised Statement of Community Consultation for 2017 will be agreed with the local councils.

The 2017 SoCC will be published in the local press and will be made available via this website. The SOCC and other information about the project will also be made available at the councils’ office and local libraries.

As in 2014, information about the project will be distributed to local households and businesses and public exhibitions at locations near to the site will be arranged and advertised.

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