Millbrook Power is a power generation project that can help support the UK’s future energy security and ensure that the country meets its low carbon emission targets. All efforts will be made to ensure minimum impact on the environment during its construction and operation.


The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed development will be reviewed and updated accordingly. It will be submitted as part of the suite of documents that accompany the application for development consent. The EIA examines likely significant environmental effects of the Millbrook Power project. Issues such as noise, air emissions, ecology, visual impact, archaeology and transport have been considered. Under the EIA Regulations, a revised preliminary environmental information report will be made available for the 2017 consultation process [link to:].

Feedback from the 2014 consultation helped inform the detailed EIA for the Millbrook Power project. Additional feedback from the 2017 consultation will inform the final EIA that will be a central part of the application for development consent and will inform the Planning Inspectorate’s recommendation and the Secretary of State’s decision.

Community Benefit

The Millbrook Power project can bring a range of benefits to the area during both construction and operation. Construction will take around two years and will provide job opportunities for approximately 150 skilled and semi-skilled people.

The power plant is expected to have an operational life of at least 25 years during which time up to 15 full time employees will be required to support the management and maintenance of the plant.

This investment will also support indirect jobs in the local community in areas such as facility maintenance and other support services.

A detailed socio-economic impact study will be submitted as part of our planning application.


Local businesses and individuals with an interest in working at the plant either during its construction or operation that would like to be kept informed of developments with the project are invited to contact Millbrook Power via

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